limited in mind
limited in body
ruler of our own domain
claim false authority
like we’re the ones
who rule and reign
the mentality
of the majority
is more then metaphorically
morphing into a
misinformed form of who we were born to be
torn between
blind perception
and divine reality
torn at the seems
our dreams are built on faulty foundation of fallacy
this will be our fatality
it’s simply a formality
see the casualties of war laid on the floor of the battle scene
we worship how we feel
we don’t worship who we should
yeah we got it bad
and if God calls it bad we call it good
we covet what others have
grab what ever we can
what ever we want
we think it belongs in the palm of our hands
going along with a song and dance
worshiping idols to fulfill our entitlement issues
addicted to the feeling we get when we get what we want so we pick and we choose
even the air we breathe is a gift we receive that we think we’re entitled to
even the air we breathe is a gift we receive that we think we’re entitled to
they say you get what you deserve so we work hard to earn it
earn as much as we can to determine our self worth and purpose
identified by what we buy it’s a sad state of affairs
and when we die we lose it all and just lay there naked and bare
but none of this stuff can cover us
no it never was enough for us
nothing we can work for to obtain can wash away the stain
the only thing we’re entitled to is the judgment for the lives we lead
there’s nothing we can hide behind
in the end we need grace instead

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